Joe F. Turnbow - M.D.

Is a board certified Emergency Physician. He previously held the position of Medical Director of two emergency departments. In 1989, he opened his own practice, an urgent care center in Boulder. Over the course of his career, he has found a passion for preventing heart attacks and strokes and is currently devoting all of his time to saving his patients from America's number one killer.


Kim Erker RDMS

Is a graduate of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at Red Rocks Community College.  She will be using the most advanced scanner, the GE vivid I ultrasound scanner, to deliver the most accurate scans in Boulder.



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About Heart Attack Prevention Strategies


Heart plate

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Many people wonder why one would come to the Heart Attack Prevention Strategies instead of going to a traditional cardiology office. Like many cities in the United States, Boulder has some of the world's finest cardiologists and they are doing a marvelous job treating heart attacks. However, many cardiologists are not trained in, nor do they have the time to deal with, heart attack prevention. Thus, the mortality rate from heart attacks continues to decrease while the incidence of heart attacks increases.

A number of years ago, Dr. Turnbow recognized the paucity of physician education in the area of heart attack prevention and began researching it extensively. He has applied what he learned with excellent results. Due to these efforts, he is regarded by many of his peers as one of the top experts in heart attack prevention in the area.

He uses the Bale/Doneen Method of Heart Attack Prevention, which is sought across the country. Dr. Turnbow is even available to give presentations around the state to cardiologists, internists, family practice doctors, nurse practitioners, lipid clinic nurses and physician assistants regarding heart attack prevention.

Dr. Turnbow believes that all heart attacks, whether primary or secondary, are preventable. If you are found to be at risk, we will discover why. We have proven therapies that can alter the natural progression of coronary artery disease. Every cause can be treated, either with proper lifestyle advice and/or medications. Whether you are coming to the clinic with known disease or unknown risk, your visit to Heart Attack Prevention Strategies will help assure you do not fall victim to America's biggest killer!

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